Visit to Golghar – Awesome Architecture!

All of us were tired after a long journey. A vehicle from the hotel was at the station to pick us up. We had booked accommodation at the Fortune Inn. The car took us to the hotel and we were delighted to see pleasant faces that were welcoming us. We were taken to our room and it looked, clean and elegant.

We were all hungry, as we did not have lunch in the train. We discussed on what items each was interested in. A staff of the hotel attended to us and asked us for our requirements. We needed to have food, we ordered food and it was served in the room. It was a prompt service. After a heavy lunch, all of us took rest and as we woke, up and got out to the balcony, the weather outside was becoming colder.

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We were not interested in going sightseeing in the evening, but preferred to walk along the streets and do a bit of window-shopping. Patna looked awesome, the streets, shops and the surroundings all looked bright with plenty of lighting around. We could see several decorative lights, Christmas stars and bells in front of most of the shops and public places, people ready to welcome the New Year. Patna would never disappoint any shoppers. I found there are many shopping malls and other market areas that offer a variety of exclusive products. We could see many people within shops buying their favorite apparels. I guessed that everyone was ready to have a bash on the New Year.

Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna | Image Resource :

Next day we will start our journey to discover Patna. Our schedule began with visit to Golghar, which means ‘Round House’. It was a granary constructed by the British in 1786. The structure was typical as it was a round building with a height of 29 meters. I could see the stairs built on the exterior wall that led to the top of the building. It is said the laborers had to carry grains up the stairs and drop it into the building. It was stored and used during famine. Today, it is one of the major tourist places one in Patna. It was great to visit and know a lot about the past.  Brilliant architecture and engineering skills require immense appreciation!


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