Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan – Natural surroundings, enjoyed every moment there….

It was the first day that we began sightseeing trip around the city of Patna. After visiting Golghar the next place on the list, was Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park. It was at a short distance of 6km from Golghar. We reached there within 15 minutes and it was almost 11.30am. The weather was very pleasant, though bright and sunny, surroundings were cool. All of us had worn enough woolens to withstand the winter. I am very sensitive to climate changes so I had taken all the precautions so that we could enjoy the trip.

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park Patna | Image Resource :

The Park was spread across a large area. It is one of the prime locations for the locals and as well as the visitors to spend time with family. No vehicles were allowed inside the zoo to maintain it as a pollution-free zone. Protecting animals and providing the natural surroundings was the motto of the authorities. As we entered the zoo, there were options of transportation to go around the zoo. Options were a toy train, bicycles and battery operated golf carts. We preferred to hire bicycles, it would help me to work out as well as go around the place.

Toy Train Patna

Toy Train Patna | Image Resource :

We began to ride on our bicycles; there were many species of rare trees and plants, which kept the surrounding green and cool. There were many species of animals, which looked, very healthy and active. I saw a pair of white Royal Bengal tigers, wow! It looked majestic! This was the first time ever I was seeing a white tiger, it was very exciting. As we moved on, we could see leopards, jungle cats, giraffes, and rhinoceros and so on. Being face to face with wildlife are rare opportunities. We clicked many photographs to take home the memories.

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My legs were exhausted, we thought we could take a break near the lake within the zoo. I looked very attractive and visitors could enjoy boat rides. Many families were waiting to enjoy boat rides. We were not very keen on that, instead we wanted to go around knowing more about rare species of animals and plants. We carried on and spend about three hours, finally returned the bicycles, and whew! I was feeling good after a session of exercise as well as sightseeing!


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