Patna Museum – Never miss it!!!!

We had a fabulous stay at the hotel. According to the schedule that I have prepared, our next visit was to the Patna Museum. It was very near to the hotel at a distance of about 1.5km. Our vehicle was already waiting and the time was 10.30 am. We had the same vehicles as of the previous day and the driver was very polite and explained many facts about the Bihar and the capital city of Patna. He also gave us a brief idea about the major places of tourist’s interest. We began our journey to the Patna Museum.

Patna Museum

Patna Museum | Image Resource :

It was a massive building, though the exterior was not very attractive, I knew something good was in store for us. We got off the car and walked towards the entrance. There were ticket counters and a display board mentioning different prices toward entrance fees. We took tickets, which cost us around Rs.400 per person. We opted to see the Buddha cascade for which extra charges were collected. The museum is popularly known as Jadu ghar, house of magic.

The Museum was built in 1917 by the British to display ancient items and from then on, the authorities have been collecting exclusive items from various parts of the country. Many displayed items are contributions of eminent archeologists. As we see in most of the Museums, there is a large collection of weapons used in the past. Some of the weapons were left unnamed; my kids were enjoying every minute to know about the glorious history of the country. We moved on to another interesting section of stuffed animals. It looked real though! Great work and it was well arranged.

We went upstairs, where there were many visitors waiting to see a holy casket, which had the ashes of Buddha. It was for the glimpse of the casket we had to pay extra charges. We waited along with others and finally we could see it. The staff explained about the retrieval of Buddha’s ashes from Vaishali and all of us were keenly listening to it. It is probably the unique collection in the museum. We also enjoyed watching a huge collection of paintings, sculptures and textiles. A great place to visit in Patna.


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