Mahavir Mandir – A world of spiritual tranquility!

A week in Patna and the time was flying; all of us were truly enjoying every moment of stay there. We visited a couple of places and the next day we thought of a temple visit. The most popular temple in Patna, Hanuman temple was our destination.  As I was not sure about the timings of aarti, I took help of the staff at the hotel reception. He gave us in detail about the prayers and puja timings. As it was winter and mornings are chilly cold, he said the morning aarti might be delayed about half an hour, so it may begin at 5:30 am, mid-day aarti at 11 am, afternoon at 4 pm, evening at 8pm and the night aarti was scheduled for 11pm.

Mahavir Mandir

Hanuman Temple Patna | Image Resource :

So we had a great choice of timings and as we returned to the room, we discussed and finalized on the timings. Mornings were too cold and we may not make it on time. 11am was the most convenient time. As we woke the next morning, had breakfast at the in-house restaurant, and were ready to visit the Mandir. I had read about the temple on the internet and it seemed quite distinct from the usual temples. As we reached the temple, we saw a large number of devotees arriving and were already present inside the temple. We kept our shoes at the counter provided at the entrance. We proceeded towards the deity. The specialty for the temple was that it had two idols of Hanuman installed. One Hanuman provided care for the good people and the other had the duty of eliminating the evil people.

Aarti began and everyone was chanting the prayers. Some were immersed in prayers as they closed their eyes and were singing the hymns whereas some people had kept prayer books open and singing along. A great feel of divinity! After the prayers, we came out the temple where the prasad was distributed. We received Naivedyam, which were besan laddos. There were display boards beside the counter, which mentioned the major festivals celebrated which included Ram Navmi, Hanuman Jayanti, Durga Puja, Janmashtami and so on….Lovely place and every visitor to the temple can return blessed!!!


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