Funtasia Island – Thrilling experience for all!

The historical city of Patna has been good to us and it was entertaining us by the unique culture and traditions. We planned to go the first ever water park in the city, Funtasia Island. As arranged, the vehicle came to pick us on time at the hotel and we travelled towards the destination. The driver told is that it was about 9km from the railway station. It took about half an hour to reach thee. Wow! We were amazed at the surprise that was awaiting us! My children were the most excited! We hardly have opportunities to visit water and theme parks in Darjeeling.

Funtasia Island

Funtasia Island | Image Resource :

The water park was in a vast area, which was stretching to nearly five acres. It was well maintained, colorful and very inviting. There were many families as most of the children have Christmas holidays. Families have come out to enjoy a day out. Water rides!! Great idea, all of us walked t the dressing room, where we found a counter for taking swimsuits on rent. We picked up suitable sizes and quickly in changed. Good facility is available and locker was provided to store our stuff. And yes! All of us were ready to charge into the water. There were a number of water rides, free fall and a beautiful swimming pool. My children began enjoying different types of water rides and then we moved to the wave pool.

Funtasia Island Patna

Funtasia Island Patna | Image Resource :

It was the best place where people of all age could enjoy the most. Children were whewing, shouting and thoroughly enjoying the water. It was already 1.30pm and we were hungry. We came out of the pool and we were happy that the place provided restaurants within the premises. As we walked towards the eatery, great smell and flavors were alluring. We had hot puris and channa . Before a winding up, we had chocolate ice cream. Now we had more time to be in the water, but the evening was becoming cooler. Quickly my kids jumped in the pool and lazed in the water. It was absolutely a refreshing day; it cooled both, mind and body! Great place and superb experience!

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