Patna Planetarium – Learn, enjoy and experience the skies!

Every day in Patna was turning out to be a different one! Right from the start of the journey, we have been to several places and most of it was maiden experiences. We had planned to go to the Patna planetarium. It is definitely going to be useful for the children. The real-feel of the celestial objects is going to be an impressive one. I had been to the Birla Planetarium in Kolkata a couple of years back. Then, my kids were too young to understand and enjoy the facts of the universe. I am taking my children to a wonderful place at the right time.

Indira Gandhi Planetarium

Indira Gandhi Planetarium | Image Resource :

It is known as Indira Gandhi Planetarium, which was established in 1993. I had read about the details through several references. Now, I could see and experience it I person. The Planetarium holds the credit for being the largest in Asia. That was a revealing fact, which I was not aware of. As we arrived at the location, my husband walked up to the counter and joined the queue that was waiting to pay and pick up entry tickets. I along with kids were observing the surroundings, we saw many families who had come to enjoy the day. We had to wait for about 20 minutes until my husband returned with the tickets.

We gave in the tickets to the security person at the entrance and found our way through the large dim room. It had few dim lights, just enough to find our seats. It took about 15 minutes for the spectators to settle down and then light was put off. We were asked to look on which seemed like the sky at night. Then came the display of various celestial objects along with the documentary. We got to know about many facts about the planets and the universe. It took nearly an hour for the show to get over. All of thoroughly enjoyed.

As we walked there were many pictures displaying various facts about the moon, sun, planets, and stars and so on. There were small rooms where you could enter and check your weight if you were on the moon or mars. That was interesting!  We retuned back to the room and there were many family discussions on the display seen that day.


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