Sri Krishna Science Centre – Ocean of knowledge and Patna’s pride!

It was a great time in Patna and we have come to the last day of the trip. Our train was scheduled at 10.20pm. So, we had an entire day to spend in the city. We had covered almost all the interesting places and the pending trip was to the Sri Krishna Vigyan Kala Kendra. I did not know much about it but with a lot of expectation and excitement, all of us started the journey. It was at a short distance of 3.5km from the hotel we stayed. It took about 15 minutes for us to get there.  It looked very attractive with a colorful entrance, which portrayed the sun, moon, water and the universe. I felt like entering an ocean of knowledge. My children were equally anxious too.

Shrikrishna Science Centre Patna

Shrikrishna Science Centre Patna | Image Resource :

It is a three-storied building and as we entered the ground floor, we could see a number of displayed items that explained scientific principles. The ground floor is known as ‘Fun Science Gallery’. The name says it all; all complicated scientific theories are explained in a simple way so that every visitor could follow what was being displayed. There were fantastic exhibits of momentum multiplier, illusive sphere and so on. My kids were keenly observing and were improving their knowledge. We moved on to the first floor, which had diverse sections to explain different zones. It included separate sections of Mirror, Ocean Life, and human evolution and so on. We walked through the spacious hall and were thrilled to see many exhibits.

As we proceeded to the second floor, it was again the Evolution section. It explained and revealed several facts relating to the evolution of human life, plants, earth and so on. It is truly an amazing section. Another major attraction in the center is the dinosaur park. For many, dinosaurs have been a fascination and this was an awesome section that offered knowledge about the gigantic creatures that have lived on earth. After having visited various sections of the center, next was an interesting session. We went in to enjoy the 3-D show; we were given 3-D spectacles to enjoy the science film show. It was a great experience!

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