Heritage Places I Have Visited in India

My indifferent professional commitments seldom allow me to breakaway and follow my passion of globetrotting. Not complaining but being a full-time practicing civil lawyer is just as tedious as it sounds. Dealing with new people, case studies, argumenting in court, negotiating and drafting contracts and offering legal advices etc apparently gets to me over time.

In the midst of all of this and much more, there are times when I feel like winding the clock back and re-experience the sanctity and frolic I would encounter with on my visitations to historical places in India.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

I clearly remember, one of my first outings was The Taj Mahal. A beautiful structure in its own tone, Taj Mahal has had one of the finest and most glorious histories. Situated on the banks of Yamuna, this man-made marvel looks best in the light of full moon.

A couple of summers ago my family and I had decided to explore the ancient village of Hampi. It is a famous Hindu conglomerate and has some captivating yet lovely views to offer suggesting that it was an ancient civilization of the 14th century. I made sure that I get to click pictures of almost all of the 500 striking monuments in there.

Khajuraho Lakshmana Temple

Khajuraho Lakshmana Temple | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We have had a great time experiencing the classic historical site of Khajuraho temples. In fact, we welcomed the last New Year in Madhya Pradesh and checked out a couple of heritage sites as well there. The wonderful western temples, southern temples and eastern temples seem as though they have a story to narrate. Truly amazing!

Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Although my kids were skeptical about the trip, hubby and I thought visiting Ajanta and Ellora caves would be a perfect getaway on a lazy, rainy weekend. In addition, so it was! All four of us thoroughly enjoyed even as it was pouring for the caves not only provided great refuge from the torrential rain but also a unique setting as its interiors seemed to have amplified on beauty!

Finally, just like every summer break, this year too we had our own plans to explore the best of India. This time we landed at the world famous Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, UP. It was an enchanting experience to learn about the iconic site in depth that Fatehpur Sikri was built by Emperor Akbar to honour a famous Sufi saint. The Mughal architecture displays sheer beauty and ultimate workmanship.


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