Sibsagar Assam – An Ideal Place for Those Who Love History

On the next day of our stay in Guwahati, I got up early in the morning to do my yoga and meditation. Practicing law and being the mother of two naughty children, I hardly get any time for any other activities. The only spare time I have is on one of these travels. As travelling with family is one of my passions, I never miss a chance to go to places. Today we had decided to visit Sibsagar Assam, which we were told was about 361 km from Guwahati and took about 6 hours to reach by car. The car arranged by the hotel arrived at 7.00 in the morning and we were all ready by that time. I had some snacks and drinking water packed with me, as I knew that the kids will need them on the way.

Assamese Thali

Assamese Thali | Image Resource :

We reached the place by 1.30 pm. On the way we had lunch from the local restaurant and we thoroughly enjoyed the local cuisines served there. Sibsagar is an important town in Assam and is known for its palaces and monuments built by Ahom rulers. The literal meaning of Sibsagar is the ‘Ocean of Lord Shiva’. One of the attractions here is the water body named Shibsagar, from which the town got its name. With an area of 257 acres, it is also called by the name, Borpukhuri. It has 3 temples on its bank dedicated to Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu and the Goddess. The Sivadol is the most important among them and has a height of 104 ft. We visited all the three temples and offered our prayers.

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Another place that we went was the Talatal Ghar, which is a seven storied palace, out of which three storeys are under the ground. We were told that there were two secret tunnels in the palace. The 4 storeys above the ground are known as Kareng Ghar. We also visited Charaideo, where the tombs of the Ahom Kings and queens were built. They were quite similar to the pyramids of Egypt and are marvelous pieces of architecture.  Joy Sagar Lake and the museum were the other places that we visited. By the time we returned, it was late at night.

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