Learn About the Culture of Vaishnavites at Majuli Island Assam

Majuli Island Assam was located about 200 km from Guwahati and we started from the hotel at 5 in the morning on the pre-arranged cab. I had a difficult time waking up the kids and making them ready. After two hours drive we stopped at the fine restaurant and had breakfast. We reached Jorhat and from the city a 20 km drive took us to the Nimati Ghat, from where we took a ferry to the island. We were told that the last ferry to Jorhat left the island by 3.30 pm. we could see small islands as we rode on the ferry and the scenery was very beautiful. The ride on the ferry took about one and a half hours and finally we reached the Kamalabari Ghat.

Way To Majuli

Way To Majuli | Image Resource – wikimedia.org

Majuli Island is in the Brahmaputra River and one of the largest river islands here. we took a taxi to go around the island. The roads were narrow and dusty and the drive was not smooth. Kamalabari is a small sleepy town in the island with some small shops. I could hardly find any proper hotels or restaurants here. There were small tea stalls made of coconut leaves and bamboo.

After driving for about 10 minutes we came to another village in the island, which the driver told us, is the largest village in the island. The name of the village is Garamur and here there were many houses, some hotels and lodges. I saw that the houses in the island were built with tall legs, which saved them from getting flooded with water during the monsoon seasons.

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The island is the center of Vaishnav faith and culture. There are many Satras built by them of which the Dakhinpat, Garamurh, Auniati, Kamalabari, etc., are the prominent Satras. Shamaguri Satra is famous for mask making. I bought some local products from the shops and also masks for the kids, who loved it. Soon it was getting 3.30 and we hurried off to the ghat that was closest to the Nimati Ghat. From there the ferry took us to Nimati Ghat and we were on our way back to the hotel.

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