Manas National Park Assam Brings You Close to Nature

It was our third day in Guwahati, and today we were to go to Manas National Park Assam. On enquiring at the travel desk, we came to know that the park is located about 148.5 km from Guwahati and it takes about 3 hours to reach the park. The cab that was arranged by the hotel came at 5.30 a.m. and we were ready for the trip. As it was early in the morning, we did not have any breakfast at the hotel, except for a cup of tea. The kids were given hot Bournivita. We decided to have breakfast on the way. By 8 in the morning we were all hungry and got into a restaurant to have puri and curry.

Puri And Curry

Puri And Curry | Image Resource :

We reached the park by 9 am and saw that people have already started coming in. The park is open for the public from 5.30 am to 6.30 pm. So there was enough time to explore the park. It is spread over a large area of 950 sq km, at the base of the Himalayas and is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Near the main gate, there are many eco-friendly cottages managed by the local people. The park got its name from the River Manasa, which is a tributary of River Brahmaputra, and runs through the park.

Manas National Park Assam

Manas National Park Assam | Image Resource :

There were many pathways and we took one and started walking. The children were very excited and were looking forward to seeing some animals on the way. We were lucky to see some wild elephants to the joy of the kids. As we moved on, we came across some rhinos, buffaloes and barking deer. The park also had a large species of birds which included Bengal Florican, Great Hornbill, Black-Tailed Crake and many more. About 380 species of birds are believed to have their homes at the park. We also saw some peacocks roaming around.

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After a 3 hours roaming in the park we came back to the main gate and had our lunch in one of the resorts there. The visit to the Manas National Park was very enjoyable and we were able to see many rare species of birds and animals.

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