Kaziranga National Park Assam – An Exciting Place to Be in Nature

On the fourth day we went to the Kaziranga National Park, which took three and a half hours from Guwahati. The journey was very enjoyable with beautiful scenery outside. I had read that the park was made in 1905 and was declared a National Park in 1973. It is a beautiful park and one of the UNESCO Heritage sites. Spread over an area of 430 sq km, it provides a natural habitat for a wide species of animals, birds and plants. The best time to visit the park is from November to April. As jeep safaris were provided, we opted for one.

Kaziranga National Park Gate

Kaziranga National Park Gate | Image Resource : 4.bp.blogspot.com

The park has a number of birds and migratory birds. It is a different experience altogether to go to Kaziranga at different times of the year as the birds are completely different in each season. If you are lucky enough you can spot Indian Roller, which is remarkably beautiful and graceful. We were fortunate to see one. The guide told us that there were close to 478 species of birds. And each was different and had its own beauty that gave Kaziranga the huge spectrum of colors and hues that made it richer and enthralling. Kaziranga has a large number of raptors, a symbol of a healthy ecosystem.

The best part of Kaziranga is the success story of the conservation of one-horned rhinoceros. It is only when you look at these animals closely that you begin to marvel them. Surely unique is each and every species. The Asian Elephant, Asiatic Wild Buffalo and eastern swamp deer were the other major attractions. The rivers in the park contained the endangered species of blind Ganges Dolphins.

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My kids were extremely excited to see the majestic creatures like Indian Leopard and clouded leopard lazing as the jeep sped on the road. This was the first time I saw the fastest animal on earth face to face. A tour of three hours at the Kaziranga National Park enabled us to see many animals and birds. We had meals at the restaurant in the park and after the tour we went back to the hotel discussing about the animals that we saw there.

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