Hajo Assam Makes You Religious

Hajo is one of the important pilgrim centers in Assam and on our way back from the Manas National Park we decided to go to Hajo. It is about 24 km from Guwahati and is a pilgrimage centre for the Hindus, Buddhists as well as the Muslims. We reached the place by the evening. There were many temples here and the most prominent among them is the Hayagriva Madhava Temple.

Hayagrivva Madhava Temple Enterance

Hayagrivva Madhava Temple Enterance | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Hayagrivva Madhava Temple is located on the top of a hill named Monikut hill. The climb to the top of the hill is a bit tiresome and steep, but I enjoyed it walking with my kids. The temple is made of stone and the deity here is Hayagriva Madhava. Some are of the belief that it is the Hindu God Vishnu. According to a section of Buddhists it was here that Buddha attained Nirvana. The temple embraces both Hinduism and Buddhism and is visited by many Buddhist monks. The temple is very impressive and has sculptures of elephants on its wall. We went inside the temple and made the offerings.

There is a big pond near the temple called Madhab Pukhuri. As we neared the pond, we could see turtles and fish in the pond. My kids were overjoyed to see turtles and fed them biscuits. We had a walk around the pond and had tea from the small shop there. Some vendors were selling sweets and toys for children.

Hajo Powa Mecca

Hajo Powa Mecca | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Hajo Powa Mecca is the Muslim pilgrim center here, and it is believed that anyone who visits here has visited one fourth of Mecca. The mosque was built by Sujauddin Mohammed Shah in the year 1657 and the soil to build the mosque was brought from Mecca. Urs is celebrated here in the months of April and March, and thousands of Hindus and Muslims reach here for the celebration.

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Kedareswara temple is another temple at Hajo, dedicated to Lord Siva. Madan Kamdev Temple is 42 km from Hajo. . By the time we returned back, it was dark and all of us were very tired after the hectic day. As soon as we reached the hotel, we had dinner and fell asleep.

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