Agnigarh Assam – A Must Visit Place in Tezpur

On the way back from the Kaziranga National Park, the driver suggested that we visit Agnigarh Assam, which is a very beautiful place. We readily agreed to go there since we will not get a chance again as we were leaving for Darjeeling the next day. The place was only an hour drive from the park, and reaching there I saw that it is a small hill on the banks of the River Brahmaputra. A lot of people were seen climbing up the stairs and some were coming down after the visit. The hill looked beautiful with circular stairways leading to the top of the hill. On top of the hill was a beautiful park. The entrance was very impressive with large gates.

The Enterance Gate of Agnigarh

The Enterance Gate of Agnigarh | Image Rersource :

There is a legend behind the place and how it attained the name. It is said that the Asura king Banasura, who was a great devotee of Lord Siva, had a very beautiful daughter named Usha, whom he kept hidden from all in a fort on top of the hill. The fort was surrounded by fire so that nobody can enter it without his permission. Thus, the place got the name Agnigarh. ‘Agni’ means fire and ‘Garh’ means any kind of dwelling. However, Usha dreamt of a handsome prince whom her friend Chitralekha painted and found out that it was Aniruddha, the nephew of Krishna. The prince was charmed into the fort by Chitralekha and got married to Usha. Later he was imprisoned by Banasura, and a battle took place between Lord Siva and Lord Krishna, which was put to an end by Lord Brahma. Finally, Banasura agreed to marry his daughter to Aniruddha.

The whole story is represented in the form of many sculptures in the park like the marriage of Usha and Aniruddha, the battle between Lord Siva and Lord Krishna, and so on. These sculptures looked very beautiful and real. There was also an open air stage, giant mushrooms and a waterfall in the park From the top of the hill we had a spectacular view of River Brahmaputra on one side and Tezpur town on the other side. It was such a wonderful place that we were happy that we didn’t miss it.

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