The Air Travel from Darjeeling to Jharkhand by Jet Konnect Airlines Was Comfortable

When I am not busy with my work or commitments I always plan holiday trips with my family to various destinations across the country. During these visits I always find some extra time for meditation and yoga which actually help me relax. I have always preferred the airline for travelling as it is luxurious and comforting and people with bright coloured uniforms are always there to help you and to make you feel more comfortable. Last month as I got some free time from work, I decided to explore Jharkhand. I thought that it would be a great idea to spend a couple of weeks with my kids there as they were also getting fed up with their daily school routine. I had chosen the air travel from Darjeeling to Jharkhand by Jet Konnect Airlines. This trip was some excuse from the daily work load and meeting clients to explore a fresh face of Mother Nature.

Jet Konnect Airlines

Jet Konnect Airlines | Image Resource :

We travelled from Darjeeling to Kolkata by train and had a comfortable journey of four hours. I and my kids stayed in a hotel for one day and then booked tickets to travel to Jharkhand. I chose Jet Konnect Airlines as it was fast and had the reputation of reaching on time.

Netaji Subhash International Airport

Netaji Subhash International Airport | Image Resource :

Ranchi Birsa Munda Airport

Ranchi Birsa Munda Airport | Image Resource :

We boarded the flight from Netaji Subhash International Airport at 07:10 am in the morning and reached Ranchi Birsa Munda Airport exactly at 08:25am. We remained on the flight for nearly 1hour 15 minutes. It was cosy, comfortable and fast and we were even served with delicious breakfast on board. We had to spend only Rs 5300 per head for availing the flight from Kolkata to Ranchi. I have always loved flight travels as it provides comfort to its passengers and always makes sure that they reach on time.

Delicious Breakfast

Delicious Breakfast | Image Resource :

I was very enthusiastic about the journey and knew that Jharkhand would not let down my hopes. I was pretty sure that the kids Chintu & Montu would love the air travel from Darjeeling to Jharkhand by Jet Konnect Airlines and I was not wrong about it. It turned out to be a pretty amazing journey.

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