Dassam Falls, Jharkhand was amazing

I always believe that any kind of travelling involved a lot of activities. After reaching Ranchi, we decided to see the Dassam Falls, Jharkhand. I always increase my general knowledge before visiting a place and because of that habit I did a bit research on the place. The falls was located near Bundu in the Ranchi district. As Dassam means ten, we could see the ten streams of water falling. The Dassam Falls was considered to be one of many scarp falls of that region. The people there speak the Mundari language. The experience that it gave me and my kids was amazing and I was spellbound to see such a scenic beauty created by Mother Nature.

Dassam Falls Jharkhand

Dassam Falls Jharkhand | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The place was filled with tourists and people came from all over the country including foreigners. We got to know that the falls was a natural cascade across the Kanchi River and a tributary of the Subarnarekha River. It was falling from a height of 44 metres. The most astonishing part was that the sound of the falling water was echoing all over the place. The water of the Dassam Falls was very clean and clear which tempted us to swim. But we were warned not to do it as the current there was extremely dangerous. We came to know that many people had drowned while swimming under the falls since 2006. 9 people had died from 2001 to 2006. But if we could keep a few things in mind for our safety as what to do and what not to do then the falls was a very beautiful place to visit. The experience it gave us had satisfied our hunger of travelling there.

The Dassam Falls, Jharkhand was situated at a distance of 40 kilometres from Ranchi on Ranchi-Jamshedpur Highway. So someone visiting Ranchi should make out some time to visit the falls. The view of such a huge quantity of water falling down from such a height was seriously awesome. I was thoroughly enjoying my visit at the falls and I was pretty sure that my kids spent some exciting moments as well.

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