A Journey to the Beautiful Panchghagh Falls Jharkhand

After spending some awesome moments in the Jagannath temple, we moved towards the Panchghagh falls Jharkhand. It was a memorable journey for me and my family. The hotel provided us with the car to hop around and see this sonorous waterfall. In the Kunti district in Jharkhand this site is one of the major sightseeing areas. It attracts a large number of tourists every year. From the Hindi version of five, the name ‘Panchghagh’ is derived. It literally means five streams flowing altogether. The falls were a result of the force exerted by the branches of River Banai for finding their path through the jagged and hard terrains. The process resulted in the formation of 5 different streams resulting in the omnipresent singling rivulets in the midst of the group of rocks.

Panchghagh Falls Jharkhand

Panchghagh Falls Jharkhand | Image Resource : picresize.com

The amazing sound of the falls was due to the striking of the swirling streams against the rocks in a random fashion. It was one of the safest waterfalls in the region and a local people informed me that it drew plenty of tourists throughout the year. Since the waterfalls do not have a great height, we could enjoy a lot despite the high speed of water. I could easily spot many people having picnic with their friends and families.

The sight was spectacular and both my kids were amazed to see the beautiful streams of water flowing from the top. The water doesn’t fall from a very great altitude, but as we had approached towards it the sound became clearer. We were amazed to spot a rainbow in the sky and the sprinkling droplets were looking beautiful. I loved to collect pebbles and the place was full of them. The water was crystal clear and the sky above was looking like the perfect picture drawn on a campus by a great painter.

The journey was very comfortable. I was very excited to see the waterfall in Jharkhand. After reaching the destination, I was completely charged up. It was truly a gift of nature and from a distance it looked as if the hills glittered in silver water streams. There were many restaurants near Panchghagh falls Jharkhand.

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