Yoga tips for Healthy Life

Being a lawyer and a multi-tasker, I have always had to take extra efforts to eke out time for yoga from my daily schedule. Here I would like to share a few tips and suggestions that may help working women in India lead a healthy life. For beginners who intend to regularly practice yoga, here are some simple tips and suggestions. They can help you practice yoga at home.

Yoga At Home

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1. Allot a space
When you plan to practice yoga at home, a separate space needs to be allocated for the same. This helps avoid injuries and accidents. You may even customise this space to match the yoga needs.

2. Create the right ambience
Posters of yoga postures are ideal for the walls of this room. You may even burn incense sticks to have a serene ambience.

3. Invest on the right yoga yantras
While renovating your yoga room, make sure you invest on the right tools and accessories. You may purchase a mat for you to sit. You may invest on brooms and other accessories that will help you maintain the yoga room clean.

4. Do in-depth research on different styles of yoga
There is a specific style of yoga to suit each body type and each health condition. Selecting the right type of yogic posture helps, you improve your health. There are several blogs, websites, and books that will give you more knowledge about the right yoga posture.

5. Select the style of yoga that best suits you
You must select the yoga posture after analysing your health. There are some asanas, which are especially suited for overweight people. There are yogic exercises to aid breathing and digestion. You must choose the yoga style keeping your health in mind.

6. Select the style for the season
Seasons have a great impact on a person’s health. There are different yogic postures for the body during summer and winter.

7. Create the Mood
The right mood for yoga can be created by soft and melodious music. The music of the flute or harp may really be soothing and caressing.

8. Learn from others
Research is the best way to learn. Ask your friends and loved ones if they know any unique style of yoga, which may be useful to you.

9. Be Slow and Steady
Enthusiasts overdo the exercises and postures in the beginning, which affects them adversely. You must practise yoga exercises slowly and steadily so that your body adapts to the change.

10. Meditate to attain best results
Yoga coupled with meditation has a soothing impact on mind, body, and soul. It helps you stay happy and rejuvenated.

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