My Air travel from Bagdogra Airport Darjeeling to Aizawl Airport Mizoram by Air India

What makes a trip special – the memory or the moment? For me, it is an amalgamation of both, the moment that I enjoy myself and the nostalgia of the trip down the memory lane that makes my after-trip moments even more cherishing. I like to travel a lot, especially with my family. One of an important reason to travel along with my kids – Chintu and Montu is to provide them with all round education that is not only related to memorizing, but by means of travel and fun. Besides, it also gives a quality time with family and help children open up with their parents.Therefore, after much discussion, we planned to visit Mizoram in this vacation. My husband picked up the phone to check seats in Air India.

Air India Flight at Airport

Air India Flight at Airport | Image Resource:

Children were, as always, very excited and my spouse and I were also delighted to visit a place rich in culture and festivals and so beautiful with its mountains and evergreen forests. We were all very excited to explore this Northeastern corner of India.

We started our packing keeping all the necessary things in bags. With children, it becomes a tough task as I had to consider things from medicines to woolens to snacks. I also booked the air tickets from Darjeeling to Mizoram. As there was no direct flight to our destination, we had to opt for the hopping flights. We were scheduled to travel from our Air India flight that was taking off from the Bagdogra Airport of Darjeeling to Kolkata, and next day from Kolkata to Aizawl Airport of Mizoram.

Inside View of Kolkata Airport

Inside View of Kolkata Airport | Image Resource:

That was a bit tolling, but looking at the positive side, we had a full day to spend in Kolkata. That is what I told kids and their sad, long face turned to a chirping ‘Hurray’ in a second…!!

On Saturday morning, we left for the airport in a cab. My amateur photographer son Montu has started clicking pictures with his digital camera, while my husband was giving instructions to kids to stay with us during the trip; I was lost in the thoughts of beautiful Mizoram.

We boarded the Air India flight at 12 pm and reached Kolkata at around 1 pm. We stayed in a hotel there and roamed around for the day, and next day we took our flight for Aizawl airport.


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