Murlen National Park Champhai Mizoram – A Must See

On the very next day, we planned to visit the famous national park of Mizoram – the Murlen National Park. It was Montu’s suggestion, as he is also a big admirer of wildlife. So we decided to leave after having our breakfast. However, our current next task was to wake up Chintu…!!!We had our breakfast in our room and were ready to leave by 9 am. We hired the cab from the hotel, and headed towards the national park, which was located at the Indo-Myanmar border. The park was in Champhai district and was approx. 245 km east of Aizawl.

View of Landscape Near Murlen National Park

View of Landscape Near Murlen National Park | Image Resource:

On our way, we were chatting and enjoying the scenic beauty of the region. While approaching Champhai, we could see the amazing scene of the emerald rice fields striking against the smoky background of Blue hills of Myanmar. We were amazed by the beautiful landscape spreading in front of us. But the journey was long and tiring. It took us almost 8 hours of mountain drive to reach the Champhai tourist lounge. We stayed there for the night. Next day, we were all set to visit the Murlen National Park.

Smoky Background of Blue Hills

Smoky Background of Blue Hills | Image Resource:

On reaching the park, we realized that the national park is home to rich flora and fauna. We were told that there is an area in the park where not a single sun ray can penetrate owing to thick vegetation, and because of this reason, the area is known as the ‘losing area of seven fellow-men’ or the land of no return.

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The park also holds many animals such as hoolock gibbon, Himalayan black bear, leopard, tiger, and many more. However, we didn’t come across any of them, but some attracting birds. All through our trip, our eyes were searching for a glance of any rarely seen animal, but all in vain.

Montu and Chintu clicked numerous pictures. They also adored the trees that were told to be around 350 years old. We had a great adventurous time in the park. After satisfying with all the roaming and searching and clicking pictures, we drove back to our hotel in Aizawl.


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