An Evidence of Past – Memorial of Chhingpui Mizoram

Today we were in a relaxed mode. All the work was getting done slowly and lazily. We were chatting about the trip so far and were going through our pictures that were clicked by the kids over the entire visit. It was like going through the journey all over again. Looking at our laziness, my husband decided to go to a place that requires less physical exertion. So he declared to visit the Memorial of Chhingpui.

Memorial of Chhingpui is located between Baktawng and Chhingchhip village, which is sited on the Aizawl – Lunglei Road. Lunglei is a town in Mizoram that is about 275 km from the city of Aizawl. So again, ready for a journey, we hired the cab and headed for the Chhingchhip village.

On our way, kids started asking about the significance of the place we were about to visit. I was also eager to know what the place was about, so we all turned towards our husband to know more about it. He told us that the memorial stone holds a significant historical value to it.

‘Memorial of Chhingpui ‘is a stone memorial that is made in the loving memory of a gorgeous looking young woman named Chhingpui. She lived in a region between Baktawng and Chhingchhip village on this Aizawl – Lunglei Road that is in the north-eastern region of Mizoram in India.

Chhingpui was a young lady that belonged to a noble family and was considered to be amazingly beautiful. It is told that from amongst the many suitors that came and desired to marry her, she preferred Kaptuanga and eventually, they both were married. But her happiness didn’t stay for long and a war broke out and Chhingpui was kidnapped and hoarsely killed. Kaptuanga, her husband, could not tolerate this loss and killed himself. Thereafter, this Memorial of Chhingpui is a reminder of that legendary love story of Chhingpui and Kaptuanga.

We were amazed to witness the evidence of such a love story. Though the kids were at the peak of curiosity and showered numerous questions, we tried to satisfy them with the facts that we knew, but kids sometimes overpower our knowledge!!!

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