Solomon’s Temple, Aizawl, Mizoram – A Testimony of Faith in God

After a day-long tiring journey and visit to the Murlen National Park, we were tired and woke up late the next day. The children were still asleep and we didn’t wake them up, so that they wake all fresh to visit the next site. To cut down the excessive travelling, we decided to explore the famous Solomon’s temple, which was situated in the city of Aizawl itself. While waiting for kids to wake up, we enjoyed our morning tea together, with the green panorama spreading in front of us.

We ordered the breakfast in the room after my sleepy kids woke up and had a yummy and filling breakfast. Chintu was still sleepy and wanted to sleep again. Surrendering to his cute demand, we postponed our visit post lunch.

After having lunch, we straightaway settled in the cab and headed towards the Solomon’s temple. Located about 10 kilometers from the town, in the Kidron valley, was the spectacular King Solomon’s temple.

Solomon's Temple Aizawl

Solomon’s Temple Aizawl | Image Resource :

The temple was not visible from far, except the spires, but on reaching close, we couldn’t stop ourselves from admiring the beautiful architecture. The temple is made from white marble, which was brought all the way from Rajasthan, and was built with the testimony of king in the faith of almighty.

The temple was huge and spacious. At the entrance were two angel statues blowing trumpets, which gave the feel of greeting us. The hall was huge and neat, containing benches and speakers. A golden crown was exhibited significantly above the platform with the words, ‘KOHHRAN THIANGHLIM’ (The Holy Church). There is also a banyan tree that is proclaimed to be brought from Thailand, a local in his fifties, told us.

It was such a great experience to know the historic importance of the temple, and the devotion in God, which resulted in this fabulous construction. The children were listening to the significance and history of the temple, and it was so good to see their curiosity. We were admiring the place for a long time when we realized that it was late and we should leave for our hotel. Children were also feeling hungry, so we got back to our car.


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