Mizoram Presbyterian Church Mizoram – A Noble Place

On our next day of the fabulous Mizoram trip, we took the help of hotel’s travel desk to know more about the famous tourist’s places to visit. They gave us the suggestion to visit the Mizoram Presbyterian church.

The Mizoram Presbyterian Church is a significant religious center for the local people, as Mizoram is predominantly inhabitant by Christians. Presbyterian Church is considered to be the oldest church and the largest Christian denomination in the region of Mizoram, which stands with pride amid the hustle and bustle of busy Aizawl city. This famous church was established by the Welsh Presbyterian missionary in the year 1897. At that time, it was the first church built in Mizoram and today it is one of the essential bodies of a much greater denomination of Presbyterian Church of India (PCI) that holds its headquarters in Shillong, Meghalaya.

Mizoram Presbyterian Church Office

Mizoram Presbyterian Church Office | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

As it was the first church, it still remains the leading denomination in Mizoram. However, kids didn’t show much interest in this place rather they were more eager to enjoy the nearby waterfalls. Waterfalls present close by the church are a major attraction for the tourists that adore nature.

Kids and we two moved closer to the waterfalls to get a closer view. While Montu and Chintu were playing around, we just strolled while keeping an eye on the children. There were many tourists who came to enjoy the culture and diversity of Mizoram. We communicated with a few of the fellow tourists. They, being Christian, enriched us more about the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram, and its importance. They said that a large number of people come to Mizoram to visit this place. From them, we came to know about the Synod Mission Board, which is the body in charge of the disciple workings of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church in India as well as outside.

Missionary Training College

Missionary Training College | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

In addition to Missionary training, Mizoram Synod also run many programs and institutions like Presbyterian Hindi Bible School, which is intended to train fresh believers of Indian and Nepali. Mission Development Training Centre has trained missionaries and the new believers in various fields of agriculture, carpentry and dairy farming.


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