Hotel Regency Aizawl – A Fantastic Place to Stay

Pushing my seats back in the comfortable aircraft of Air India, I smiled a little to myself on the thought of exploring Mizoram that is so bestowed by nature. After an hour and a half long journey in the flight, we disembarked at the airport of Aizawl. We went through the check-out process, and then looked for our cab that was sent from Hotel Regency Aizawl. We made ourselves comfortable in the car and started towards our hotel. The driver told us that the hotel was at a distance of about 31 kilometers.

Hotel Regency Aizawl

Hotel Regency Aizawl | Image Resource :

I was looking out of the window and realized that the city of Aizawl was different from the other cities. Unlike any usual city, it is a city on hill, and all the buildings were constructed on the stilts on the mountain sides. It was so amazing to look at them.

Time passed rather quickly and we reached our hotel, where we had our rooms booked. We were warm-heartedly greeted by the staff members. We were pleased by such affable welcome. The receptionist quickly explained us the services that were offered in the hotel. Meanwhile, Chintu and Montu were already observing the variety of fishes present in the large fish tank that was placed in the lobby.

Hotel Regency Lobby

Hotel Regency Lobby | Image Resource :

We moved towards our rooms, with our luggage being carried by one of the staff member. I was delighted by the serene ambience of the hotel. We had two adjacent rooms booked. However, we entered the first room all together. The rooms were stylishly decorated and were brightly lit. A beautiful and mesmerizing panoramic view was facilitated, which added to the beauty of the rooms. All the contemporary facilities were made available along with television, tea/coffee maker, internet connection, etc.

We thanked the steward and ordered some refreshments. By the time, the kids had already explored the rooms and were telling us both the details. We were happy to see them so excited. A vacation turns great when kids are along…isn’t it? We planned to have our lunch and then rest for a while, before our exploration of this gorgeous place. Hotel Regency Aizawl offered quite comfortable rooms, which helped us refresh ourselves and be ready for our sight visit.


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