A Thrilling Experience at the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary Aizawl

The next day morning at Mizoram was blissful and serene. We were having our morning coffee viewing the beautiful sunrise from the comfort of our room. Today we were to go to another wildlife sanctuary, which was close to the city of Aizawl because we didn’t want to waste the entire day travelling. Kids were keen to see a few tigers and other wild animals, and with our fingers crossed, we left for the Dampa wildlife sanctuary.

Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary Aizawl

Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary Aizawl | Image Resource : misual.com

The sanctuary was at a distance of around 130 kilometers from Aizawl and was a perfect place to enjoy being in the laps of Mother Nature. We longed to enjoy natural beauty and this sanctuary was spread over a vast area of 550 square km covered with thick vegetation .Montu had his camera ready and started clicking pictures from the start of journey itself. Pictures are a great way to rekindle the moments spent together…don’t you think so?

We reached the sanctuary by noon. We had our eateries packed with us, so I had no tension of where we would have our lunch..!! After filling our stomach, we started our venture. We noticed vast tracks with thick flora and hilly terrain that were sparsely populated. The diversity of flora was amazing and there were numerous blooming orchids that were spreading their beauty, making the environment all the more appealing. The place was intensified with diversely colored flowers and plants. Amid the thick trees, we could see numerous birds spreading their attractive wings, chirping around.

Tiger in Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiger in Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Montu was clicking as many pictures as he could, but he was most delighted when he got to see a tiger. What a royal creature. We also got to see elephants, deer, Rhesus Macaque and tortoise. Though the place is home to many other creatures, we didn’t get to see any other species. However, the place was no less than a heavenly ambience to the nature lovers. Many other tourists were also there, and we all would together shout at the sight of any animal.

It was a great fun visiting the place. We enjoyed the visit and were contented that it was successful as we came across numerous beautiful animals and attractive vegetation. After spending the entire day there, we went back to our hotel.

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