Sibuta Lung – A Memorial Holding a Cruel Past

Today was the last day of our trip. We were happy to visit this amazing place, but the thought of the end of vacation was bothering us all. As it was the last day, we all wanted to view a site so that we also get the time to roam about in the local village as well as to pack our bags again. To sort this situation out, we chose to visit Sibuta Lung.

Sibuta Lung is a memorial stone situated in the Tachhip village, which is at a mere distance of 20 km from the city of Aizawl. We had our breakfast in the room as usual. I called the hotel authorities to hire a cab for us. As earlier, we wanted to know about the place we were visiting, so we turned towards my knowledgeable husband.

Sibuta Lung Memorial Stone

Sibuta Lung Memorial Stone | Image Resource :

The memorial stone of the Sibuta Lung was erected around three hundreds years ago. It was built by a tribal chief and the memorial stone is known after his name. This memorial was also built with the significance of love, but this was a story of jilted love and the hunger for revenge. The tribal chief was madly in love with a woman, but the women rejected him. Tribal chief, Sibuta went barmy for revenge of his rejected love, and then raised a memorial for himself in a style, which depicted an insane mind.

It is said that a giant rock drenched with the blood of three people, which Sibuta sacrificed, was carried over a long distance of about 10 km from the Tlawng River. The lunacy is depicted in the historical beliefs that an attractive young girl Darlalpuii was crushed while alive in a trench that was dug to raise the mausoleum. The memorial, which is now a tourists spot, was standing over Darlai, who was killed under heaviness of the stone. We were looking at that construction and wondering how cruel someone can be. The chief could not bear the rejection, which is now well-known in the history. But then, our history is filled with unusualness…isn’t it? By now, our exciting trip came to an end.


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