About my favourite book john Adams by David McCullough

I am very much found of books and literature. Something that sharpen human mind always inspire me. John Adams biography, 2001 edition by the popular historian David McCullough is one of my favourite read.

 John Adams Book

John Adams Book | Image Resource : jaysonwevans.wordpress.com

In this book, the author enfolds the Adventurous life journey of founding father and second US president – John Adams.

He is described as a brilliant, severely independent, at times grumpy but an honest patriot, who gave his everything in zeal of American Revolution and rose to be the second president of US who saved the country from going into an unwanted war.

He was way learned man than anyone, was often regarded as “out of his senses” and his marriage to the prudent and fearless Abigail Adams is most talked love story in the American history.

Most of the writings are drawn from the Adam family collection of letters and diaries. The author narrates in the book about a grand scale history – consisting of social issues, politics, war at the same time love, faith, religion, virtue, friendship, ambition and much more. It portrays the wide – spreading consequences of noble notions. He is one of those Americans who ever lived.

Those who love history, fond of literature, books must read this. This book has won 2002 Pulitzer Biography prize as well there is a mini television series by HBO films for the same. Therefore, those who are not fond of reading can view it.

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