A Memorable Train Travel from Jalpaiguri Road to Bhubaneswar With GHY SBC Express

I have planned about this holiday about a long time ago, now is the time to move forward. I have never been to Orissa, last year one of my friend had gone to the place and her numerous comments about this place has instigated me to explore the place. I booked my tickets and on that particular day I along with my family came to the station to board the train. I was simply happy to feel the fact that the train travel from Jalpaiguri Road (JPE) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) by GHY SBC Express was going to be exciting. The Jalpaiguri station is very near to my home town, so I had no problem to reach the station. The train came at 13.09 and we hurriedly boarded the train as it was supposed to leave at 13.10. Chintu and Montu and my husband were excited about the holiday as it was that after a long time everyone got the holiday.

GHY SBC Express

GHY SBC Express | Image Resource : flickr.com

As mentioned the train started to move and we kept all our bags under the seat. The journey was of one night so it was not at all to be hectic. The experience was really good as we got a good company of a newly married couple who were going to the same destination for their honeymoon. We had our lunch from our relatives’ house that lived in Siliguri and so there was no worry for the rush. All of us had a nap in the afternoon and woke up in the evening with the noise of the vendors. I and my husband ordered for a hot cup of tea whereas my children preferred to have some snacks. I also had an electronic kettle where I made some hot chocolate Horlicks for my lovely kids. Both Chintu and Montu were so excited that they started to run through the whole compartment while sing songs and play games. The experience of the train travel from Jalpaiguri Road (JPE) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) by GHY SBC Express was really exciting as we were accompanied by many people who told us many unknown facts about Bhubaneswar.


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