A Calm and Peaceful Environment at the Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar Odisha Gave Us Energy

After spending a long time in exploring the large zoological park in Nandankanan, we moved towards the Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar Odisha. It is another place of serene peace and quenched my heart’s thirst for some peace far from the busy life of the cities. We hired a taxi from the park and reached the place which was located on the northern side of the Ling Raja temple. The lake is placid and a beauty for the eyes. We were mesmerized with the cool and religious site of the place. Chintu and Montu were also quietly watching the lake as it gave a message to each one present there.

Bindu Sagar Lake Bhubaneswar

Bindu Sagar Lake Bhubaneswar | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The lake is one of the greatest attractions of Bhubaneswar, where every year many people come to take a holy bath in the lake. It is told that if you take a dip into the lake then all your sins will be wiped out from your body, soul and heart. Moreover the lake’s holy water is used to clean the Shiva Linga from the Ling Raja Temple every year. A miniature festival is organized for those who want to see the idol being immersed in the lake. Every now and then we saw people taking a holy dip and chanting some mantras in the hope of washing their sins.

The Bindu Sagar Lake, Bhubaneswar Odisha is really a place of religious importance. I learnt that there was a myth regarding the genesis of the lake. It is told that Parvati, in the disguise of a herdswoman came to this earth to have a glance of the city of Lord Shiva. But on her way, she met two demons Kriti and Vasa, who fell in for her beauty and wanted to marry her. She understood this and asked both of them to carry her on their shoulders. When both of them took her on their shoulders, she crushed them to death. Eventually, Lord Shiva came down to quench her thirst and made the Bindu Sagar Lake. I could see many inhabitants having a fun time while picnicking with their families on the bank of the lake.


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