Our Stay at the Hotel Ginger Bhubaneswar

As soon as we left the Mukteswar temple Bhubaneswar, we booked a taxi to move to a good hotel. We saw many hotels but most of them could not satisfy our demands. After roaming for more 5 kilometers, we finally landed at the Hotel Ginger Bhubaneswar. The Hotel was really good and the price was really affordable. The hotel had good spacious rooms with modern equipments like LED TV, 24 hour running water, and many more.

Ginger Hotel Reception

Ginger Hotel Reception | Image Resource: panoramio.com

Moreover the rooms were clean and very attractive. We both of them booked two double bedded rooms as we were 4 of us and they were 2. The best part of the hotel was that it had a restaurant inside where you can spend hours. We both the families ordered the breakfast and asked to make arrangement in the restaurant. We had a delicious breakfast and the attendants were co-operative to our demands. Sitting there we chalked out the plans to which places to visit and where can we have a good experience.

Deluxe Rooms Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar

Deluxe Rooms Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar | Image Resource: panoramio.com

Gym Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar

Gym Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar | Image Resource: panoramio.com

Chintu and Montu were running throughout the long spacious room as their eyes gleamed with joy that made them feel at home. The hotel had many other facilities, like a great conference with LED projector and internet facility, where we used the internet to have a detailed look at the destinations which we had already covered. Apart from that we were delighted to see that the hotel had a gym where workouts can be done.

Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar

Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar | Image Resource: panoramio.com

My husband goes to gym, so instantly he went to the treadmill to have his regular exercise and get energetic. The atmosphere was also very homely and every time there were people on the front desk to enquire any of your queries. We felt safe to stay in the hotel as we had good quality food and care from the people. If anyone comes for a visit to Bhubaneswar then it is a must that you should come and stay at Hotel Ginger Bhubaneswar as it really gives a feeling of home. After exploring the facilities inside the hotel, we went to sleep as we had a train to catch the next day.



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