Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar – A Masterpiece in Terms of Architecture

After exploring the caves on the hills, I travelled towards the Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar which I knew was one of the major landmarks representing the development of architecture in Odisha. Many residents described it as a part of the jewels in Odisha and I could see the reason behind it. It was laden with graceful looks and exotic sculptures. I was amazed to see the fully equipped five sectioned plan which was known as Pancharatha. There was a platform, locally known as Pabhaga, which consisted of 5 patterns. On reaching the lower part, we found out something which I had seen in the Vaital Deul. It was the three horizontal divisions.

Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar

Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar | Image Resource:

We saw figures representing dopichha lions and crouched structures assisting the amla. We got to see the Pidha Deul which had a beautifully tinted ceiling in the form of a lotus having 8 petals. I learnt that it used to be the Jagamohana of the temple when it was constructed in the latter part of the 10th century. We saw figures which represented Kartikeya associated with clock, Ganesha’s mount in the form of mouse and Ketu being introduced the form of ninth planet.

Then there were the walls in the southern and northern part of Jagamohana and have windows in the shape of a diamond. The windows represented frolicking monkeys in an enchanting pose. I also saw the tower in the sanctuary which had chaitya windows exhibiting an attractive ornamental design of a bho. The rathas in the corner were carved with figures representing females with expressive faces.

The jewellery and hair styles of the females are revealed in minute details. There are many niches in the octagonal walls of the temple. Each of these contains a medallion in lotus shape, an elegant scroll and a wheel. After that we, went to the Mairchi Kund which is a small well with water known to relieve women of infertility. I saw a figure representing Lakulisa along with four disciples on the well’s door frame. I also went through the torana archway which was a memorable work of art. We were dying to explore the remaining parts of the Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar but couldn’t do so as it was already late in the evening.


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