Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park Tirupati

By 12, we were on our way to Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park. It was about 40 minutes drive from our current location. We reached the venue around 12.50 pm, bought the entry tickets and proceeded to book our drive for the Lion Safari. We bought some packets of biscuits and chips to eat.

The zoological park is a huge one-with 5,532 acres of land converted into a living habitat for various animals and birds. While we waited for the safari ride to start, I walked over to the inscription to read about the park. It said that the establishment of the park was in the year of 1987. The main object of the park was to create a good environment for the animals and there have been cases of animals rescued from the zoos and left in this manmade habitat.

Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park

Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park | Image Resource:

Apparently, this is the second largest zoo in Asia. It was our turn for the safari ride and we piled into the van. The grilled windows and the doors made us feel safe in the van. When the van reached the heart of the “wildlife”, we could see a lion sitting by a rock. Alongside two lionesses were curled up, looking lazily around. They looked well fed and healthy too.

We also spotted the tigers, bears, giraffes and spotted deer while on the safari ride. After about an hours’ drive, we were back at our original destination and instead of walking on foot, we hired a jeep service to take us around the zoo.

Indian Peafowl at SV Zoological Park

Indian Peafowl at SV Zoological Park | Image Resource:

The jeep first took us to “Mrugavani”- the place where the herbivores lived. There were samba deer, rabbits, langurs, black-faced monkeys and other such plant-eating animals. The playful elephants were fun to watch. My children were extremely excited and since the zoo authorities allowed the visitors to take pictures, we clicked a whole lot of them.

We then proceeded to “Vrukavihar”- the house for smaller carnivores. Hyenas, mongoose, and foxes-the list goes on. Part of this place housed the parakeets, geese, ducks and the other birds. My children enjoyed looking at the hippos in the water and the crocodiles. “Myurvani” housed the peacocks and the peahens. They were so beautiful and we actually saw one peacock spread its tail. Oh! What a beautiful sight that was!

I found the flower garden and the studies of different trees very interesting. By the time we finished our trip, it was already 3pm. We were tired and hungry and decided to have our lunch.



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