JetKonnect, Tirupati tour packages

Finally, the long-awaited break arrived and we immediately planned to take a tour of Tirupathi the temple and the surrounding places. It was a tough task to plan because I had to co-ordinate with the leaves of my husband and my children’s school. I booked our tickets with JetKonnect, Tirupati tour packages. Upon browsing, I found that this airline provided the best amenities and facilities.

The good thing about booking a package tour is that we could select from the wide range of list of hotels. The price of the package, which I booked, included the two-way journey, stay at the hotel and the meals for all the days that we stayed there.

Bagdogra International Airport

Bagdogra International Airport | Image Resource:

We had to travel about 92 kilometres from Darjeeling to Bagdogra airport. The flight was at one at noon, but we were on our way at 9 AM. There are no direct flights to Tirupati. We had to go to Delhi and from there catch a connecting flight to Hyderabad and thence, to Tirupati. However, we did not have to worry about the schedule and the itinerary because it was a package tour and the airline took care of all our needs.

Although far away from our home, the Bagdora Airport is a spacious one with several airlines plying flight services to different destinations. The beverage, food and other amenities were up to our expectation. We reached the Delhi airport at 2.30 PM. Our next connecting flight was at 8 PM. We decided to walk around the nearby areas of Delhi to while away our time along with trying out the different local foods.

Our flight to Hyderabad took off at 8.10 PM and reached Hyderabad at 11.30 PM. We stayed at a hotel nearby (booked by the tour package) and on the next day at 12.40 at noon, we boarded the flight to Tirupati. At 2 PM, we were out of the airport and there was a cab service waiting to take us to the hotel that we chose with JetKonnect, Tirupati tour packages. The total time that it took for us to reach Tirupati was 24 hours and 35 minutes in approximation. My children, Chintu and Montu, were especially glad to reach the venue.


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