Horsley Hills Tirupati – Enjoy the Serenity of Nature

Today, the second last day of our stay in Tirupati, we planned to go to Horsley hills, a hill-station. We informed the hotel staff the previous night and requested them to give us parcelled breakfast. We planned to stay a night at the hill station and as such, checked out of Bhanu residency. We had booked a cottage with one particular hotel on the hill.

At 7am, we were out of the hotel and on our way to the hill station. As per the driver’s estimate, it was a good three hours drive from the hotel. The morning drive, the scenic beauty along the way and the fresh air had a good effect on all of us. As we rode to the top of the hills, we could see a wide variety of trees, plants and flowering plants. There were trees such as Jacaranda, Mahogany, Allamanda, Gulmohar, Eucalyptus and several other species.

Horsley Hills Tirupati

Horsley Hills Tirupati | Image Resource: 1.bp.blogspot.com

The driver informed us that there were also some sightings of wild animals and therefore, travelling after dusk is always dangerous. The smell of various flowering plants was very pleasant. Once we reached the hill station, we completed the required formalities and checked into the cottage.

We first decided to visit the View Point. This place is behind the Governor’s Bunglow and gives a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. It seemed like I could almost touch the clouds here. Also, located nearby is the “Kalyan”, a Eucalyptus tree about 150 years old. A little more distance apart is Gali Bandalu, meaning the windy rock.

View from Horsley Hills Tirupati

View from Horsley Hills Tirupati | Image Resource: 1.bp.blogspot.com

The Gali Bandalu has a slope and the wind blows strongly the entire day. Standing in this place, it gives a perfect view of Horsley hills. By the time we finished visiting these places, it was almost 3 pm and we went back to our cottage to have our lunch and relax.

In the evening, we visited the Mallamma temple, where they worship a local deity, Mallamma. Just strolling along the hill was a good relaxation for all of us. Tomorrow we planned to go trekking and if possible, rafting too. This was a most enjoyable vacation that I have had!


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