Experiencing Andhra Thali at Tirupati

After a good two hours of sleep, we freshened up and decided to look around the place. We had to visit several places in Tirupati. However, taking time of the day and our tiredness due to the journey into consideration, we thought that it would be best if we just strolled around the place.

There were several small shops selling various items such as toys, dresses, worship materials, many fancy items and kitchen items made out of stone. Strolling about for one and half hours, we decided to get into a restaurant for an early dinner. I wanted to try out the Andhra Thali and the spicy Andhra dishes.

Andhra Thali at Tirupati

Andhra Thali at Tirupati | Image Resource: ruggedanay.files.wordpress.com

I love all types of cuisines, being a foodie. However, nothing could beat my craze for spicy foods. I have heard from several people that the Andhra dishes are very spicy and added to it they are tasty too. We walked into a restaurant that looked neat and clean. All the restaurants here are vegetarian restaurants because it is a place of worship.

I had already decided to try out the Thali and placed my order while my sons decided to try out the Kothu Parotta. It is a bowl of parathas, pounded together with vegetables and spices and the taste is heavenly. This was a new kind of dish for me but apparently, in the South, this is a famous and a familiar dish. My husband decided to go light on his stomach and ordered a Masala Dosa and a roast. A Roast is a crispy Dosa with lots of ghee in it.

My “Thali” arrived and different curries and vegetables sides in small dishes fascinated me. I requested the waiter to explain the names of the dishes to me, which he did with utmost enthusiasm. There was Sambar, Rasam, Porial (a dish shallow fried in oil along with the spices. My dish of Porial was cabbage mixed with carrot), Kara Kozhumbu (an extremely spicy and tangy tasting gravy, cooked with vegetables in tamarind extract), a spicy curry with mashed vegetables in it, Korma, yogurt, pappad, pickles, Chapatti and rice.

The waiter explained to me that I should be having a little part of the rice with some ghee and the spicy rice powder and consume it. Oh! It tasted so good! I finished the first serving and asked for a second serving of the curries and the side dishes. I have not had such mouth watering South Indian food earlier. It was simple yet elaborate and tasty.

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