Hotel Bhanu Residency Tirupati – An Elegant Place to Stay

We were out of the airport at about 2PM and there was a cab driver from the hotel waiting for us. He displayed a placard that had my husband’s name printed on it. We got into the cab and were on our way to Hotel Bhanu Residency, Tirupati. It was about 20 kilometeres distance from the airport to the hotel.

The hotel is a huge white building with several A/C and non-A/C rooms. There are a total of four floors and the rooms that are available to the guests are double rooms- A/C and non-A/C and Triple rooms –A/C and non-A/C. All the rooms have a television set, telephone and internet service.

Hotel Bhanu Residency Tirupati

Hotel Bhanu Residency Tirupati | Image Resource:

We gave the details of our booking and within 10 minutes, the porter showed us to our room. Ours was a triple A/C room and it was a pleasing atmosphere in the room. There were clean, white bed sheets with blankets, neat attached toilet, a television set and of course, the air condition. It is a one star hotel, but the services and the amenities along with the room service facility were fantastic.

After our children finished arranging their backpacks and bags in the room, we arranged ours and went down to enquire about the nearest restaurant for us to have food. By the time we filed down to the reception area, it was already 3PM. The receptionist gave us the directions to reach the nearest restaurant. We were lucky enough to get food at this time since most of the restaurants stop serving lunch by three O’ clock. We had a satisfying vegetarian meal and went back to our hotel to relax.

Double Rooms at Hotel Bhanu Residency

Double Rooms at Hotel Bhanu Residency | Image Resource:

In the room, the children watched TV while my husband and I browsed and made plans for our visits to the places in Tirupati. On the next day, which was a Thursday, we already planned to visit the famous Tirupati Balaji temple. It was a good thing that the hotel’s internet connection was excellent.

Before we ventured out, we decided to relax for a few hours in Hotel Bhanu Residency Tirupati. Advising our children to take a tap too, for a while, we fell asleep.


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