Kapila Theertham Tirupati – A Must- See Place

After having our breakfast, we headed towards Kapila Theertham, a place located at the foot of the hills. The cab driver, a localilte, seemed to know all the places and the best time to visit each place. We had heard so much about the place that we could hardly wait to reach there.

We reached the place and after paying an entry fee of Rs.10/-, we entered. It was an awesome feeling to go inside the cave temple, Kapileshwara. This is a huge temple and is actually a mountain cave and we had to go into the cave to reach the temple inside. At the entrance of this temple, a huge statue of “Nandi” in stone sculpture greeted all the visitors. Nandi is the Lord Shiva’s steed.

Kapila Theertham Tirupati

Kapila Theertham Tirupati | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

After offering our prayers at the Shiva temple, we also visited the other temples within the same complex. We were able to see the worship of Krishna, Muruga, Hanuman and Lord Vishu. After the temple visits, we proceeded to the Kapila theertham. The location of the waterfall is also within the temple complex.

As soon as we were out at Kapila theertham, the sight astounded us! The water cascading down from Tirumala hills was an awesome sight. The location of the waterfall is right in the middle of the temple. It was as if the temples surrounded the waterfall. My sons were clearly excited upon seeing the waterfall. With my husband leading the way, my sons proceeded to stand under the waterfall.

Upper view of Kapila Theertham waterfalls Tirupathi

Upper view of Kapila Theertham waterfalls Tirupathi | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

There were several notices that warned the devotees to be careful while standing under the Theertham, since it is quite slippery and a fall could be fatal. Legends state that Saint Kapila Maharshi, who was one of the holiest saints’, lived here and worshipped Lord Shiva. That is the reason for the place getting this name. “Theertham” in South means holy water.

I heard the cab driver say that if you take a dip in the theertham, it will wash away all your sins. They recommend all the devotees to bathe in the theertham before they enter the Venkateshwara temple. There were several people standing (taking in the beautiful view), taking a dip in the water or just praying. I would say that this is a must-see place if you ever visit Tirupati.

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