Rock Gardens Tirupati – Nature’s Wonder

By the time, my children and husband got into dry clothes it was around 10.30am and we headed to the Rock Gardens. Situated on the top of the Tirumala hills, the rock garden is very famous for the fact that it is a natural formation of the rock.

We decided to hire a guide as per the instructions of our driver, since he was of the opinion that only the guide would be able to clearly explain the phenomenon of the rock formation. The locals refer to the Rock Garden as Shila Thoranam. Shila means rock and thoran is arch shape. The best thing about this rock is that its formation is out of a single rock and the arch shape is a natural formation.

The guide explained in detail about the rock formation and once done, we paid him and walked around to explore the surroundings and to take photographs. The visitors could not go very near to the rock. There was an enclosure and the tourists could not go beyond this marked enclosure.

Rock Gardens Tirupati

Rock Gardens Tirupati | Image Resource :

Though we could not go nearer the rocks, I could see the beautiful shapes of animals and birds among the rocks. That is the best part about this place; using our imaginations, we could make out the shapes of various animals, birds and things. We saw several such rock formations, though there were three very prominent ones there.

The feature that astounded me the most was the way in which these rocks supported themselves. There was no external support system for these rocks; still they seemed to stand glued to the spot, though dangerously. You can actually see the wonders of the nature here. It would be a good effort if the tourists did not litter the place and kept it clean.

According to the legends, Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati temple walked through this arch to reach Tirumala. From the top of the hill, we got a panoramic view of the surroundings and the greenery around it.

We finished exploring the place within an hour and after spending a few quiet moments at the top, we were again on our way to the Zoological Park.


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