Chandragiri Fort Tirupati – The Majestic Structures of the Past

On Friday, after breakfast, we were on our way to Chandragiri Fort. It was at a distance of about 15 kilometres from the hotel. As soon as we reached the Fort, we could see how the kings during the olden times felt. The “Raja” Mahal is huge with two floors and stands majestically.

Chandragiri Fort Tirupati

Chandragiri Fort Tirupati | Image Resource :

Right at the entrance, we saw the huge stone walls of the fort. The pillars have the carvings of lions and humans. Once inside, we saw a small temple. As we looked around, we saw that there were three other smaller temples, which are in ruins presently. The entire place has two divisions- The King’s palace and the Queen’s palace. The other structures that we could see were either poorly maintained or were in ruins.

The King’s palace has a good architectural essence. The three-storied palace has a tower, which is very imposing. The entire structure is a mix of stone, mortar and brick. Massive pillars support the entire fort and the Durbar inside the fort has the built-up in such a way that it raises up to two floors.

There are balconies in the King’s palace, running in a series of arches. The ceilings, done in Plaster of Paris, have the pictures of dancing women. When we climbed up to the balcony and looked over, it was an amazing sight! It gave a clear picture of the surrounding places and a direct view of the Queen’s palace.

The style and construction of the Queen’s palace is similar to that of the King’s except that instead of the towers, the roof had a flat surface. We could not get into the Queen’s palace, as there was restricted entry.  Presently, the King’s palace is a museum with the collection of metal and stone sculptures during the King’s reign. The items consisted of bronze, stone and model gallery. Only a few weapons, such as swords and knives, were on display.

Right outside these forts, is a huge garden, with a pathway leading to the main entrance of the building. It was a relaxation to sit in the garden for a while. The Garden had a well-maintained look. A good place for history buffs like me to visit and explore.


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