Talakona Waterfalls Tirupati Experience the Nature’s Glory

It was the same driver of the previous day and once we were out of the fort, we requested him to take us to a good restaurant for lunch before we started to Talakona waterfalls. By the time, we finished our lunch, it was almost half past one and we reached the waterfalls by 2.30pm.

Since we had a vehicle, we could go up to the base of the stream. From the base, we had to walk about 2 kilometres to come to the waterfalls. We climbed or you can say, we trekked up to the waterfall and the climb was rejuvenating. Surprisingly, we did not feel tired, but we were full of energy by the time reached the top of the hill.

Talakona Waterfalls Tirupati

Talakona Waterfalls Tirupati | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The waterfall was a breathtaking sight and looked very beautiful. The water came gushing from a height of 270 feet, making a sound so high that we had to shout to each other to make ourselves heard. It was so beautiful to stand at the foot of the waterfall and see it cascading down the rocks. It was a mesmerising effect. We played or dipped ourselves in the water for a while. Since it was peak of noon, there were very few people and we could enjoy the peace and serenity around us.

This is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. The locals believe that the water contains medicinal values and taking a dip in the waters will cure anyone of various skin diseases. The water is clean and clear.

This is the best place for the trekkers to visit. With the jungle safari, visitors can go on a drive into the dense jungle and spot various wild animals. Bird watchers would be delighted to spot birds of various species here. We did get a chance to go on a boat ride and the sight of the surroundings from the water was breathtaking. You cannot imagine the tranquillity that one feels when in a calm and quiet place such as this!

There is a temple in the close vicinity of the waterfall, but by the time we finished our visit to the waterfall, the working time of the temple was over.  Around 5pm, we were on our way back to the hotel. This is indeed a memorable day for us!

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