A Mesmerizing Journey from Darjeeling to Bhopal with Jetkonnect Airlines

Life is full of enthusiasm and innovations. I am a lawyer by profession and settled in Darjeeling. I am a true art lover, a traveler seeker and mostly dwell in areas of inspiration, information and literature learning. I am always into the habit of going through the detailed study of any forthcoming events, be it professionally dealing with the clients or personally planning for a tour. Indian culture and scripts, monuments, its varied heritage, the phenomenal architectural sculptures has always been my field of interest. Whenever I get free time from my busy schedules and the other commitments, I tend to find my way out and plan some excursions for recreation and expedition. Travelling along with my family adds flavor to my excitement for the trip. But I am very particular about the planning of the journey. Likewise was my journey from Darjeeling to Bhopal with Jetkonnect Airlines, executed in the most accurate and clear way. We didn’t have any direct conveyance to Bhopal from Darjeeling, so I decided to move via Kolkata.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport | Image Resource : skyscrapercity.com

We took the National Highway road in a car and covered around 654kms distance and reached Kolkata safely. Without any delay, I, along with my children, boarded my scheduled flight to Bhopal, the very next morning from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. It was a wonderful experience with Jetkonnect. The flight attendants were marvelously carrying out their duty. With pleasing attitude and alluring attire, the air hostesses offered us the packs of refreshment and all the needful things.

Jetkonnect Airlines

Jetkonnect Airlines | Image Resource : flickr.com

It was a complete success though the program was bit tight taking into grounds the exertion and the tiredness we felt at that time. The zeal to reach to our preferred destination has helped us immensely to cope up with all the circumstances. I am always a luxury loving lady and my love for it compelled me to book a 3 star hotel for a plush accommodation for me and my family. It was a high temperature in Bhopal with scorching heat unlike the calm, cold and the soothing climate of Darjeeling but still fantasies always take their form. It was just literal and with not much effort I concentrated myself on a pleasant trip to my most awaited destination Bhopal, the city of lakes situated in Madhya Pradesh.

The city is known for its rich heritage, museums, monuments and the beautiful lakes which enslaved my major attention to reach there instantly. The journey from Darjeeling to Bhopal with Jetkonnect Airlines was in no way exhausting for me as I felt so or rather I would state that my tempting mind to explore and learn has forced me to reach the place swiftly.

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