Birla Museum Bhopal, a Pride to the Land with Attractive Glory

With utmost excitement in mind I headed towards my destination. Travelling has always been an appealing experience for me. It gives me a chance and an ideal way to leave my current life behind to pursue a more rejuvenating and adventurous break, or to live in and explore a new place. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a fascinating combination of old historic city, scenic beauty, and modern urban planning.

Due to its rich and varied heritage and being a culturally affluent city, Bhopal has shown a remarkable rise in attracting tourists from all over the country and abroad. Apart from its unrivalled appeal and housing a lot of museums and galleries, the Birla Museum Bhopal was truly a worth deserving visit. Its awesome exteriors were simply eye catching, thus multiplying my greediness to explore the knowledge of literature. The Manuscripts, stone sculptures, paintings and terracotta are displayed in this museum.

Birla Museum Bhopal

Birla Museum Bhopal | Image Resource :

Established in the year 1971, the museum is one if its kinds among the various museums in Bhopal. It is enriched with a lot of informative and interesting artifacts depicting the early historic era of Madhya Pradesh. I was not sure of the fact whether visiting to a museum at an early stage of my journey will feed interest in my kids or not but, my effort worked out. They started relating their knowledge with the museum, which was highly admirable. The various objects that are exhibited in the museum date from the primitive period onwards. The displayed objects include the primitive tools and implements that were used during the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. The divine appeal of a marvelous scale model of the Bhimbetka rock shelter with its ancient murals is surely going to astound the onlookers.

Heading towards my journey, the fine image of Birla museum Bhopal has taken its keen place in my mind. As I can’t restrict myself to the other popular site of Bhopal I took an off from the place and started afresh towards the Taj-ul-masjid, a famous mosque in Bhopal for a similar or rather more exploring experiences. My keen interest in visiting historical places and gathering knowledge about it never forbade me to make best use of the opportunity.

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