Raisen Fort Bhopal: Historical Ruins Exhibited

After our travel from the Bhimbetka cave we decided to visit the unique and popular Raisen Fort. The Raisen Fort Bhopal is located in the Raisen district which is in the central part of Maharashtra. It’s a huge and massive fort build upon a hill of sandstone. At its foot rests the town. It is surrounded by some temples and palaces even. It was earlier maintained and controlled by Hindu rulers which included even the brave Rajputs. The fort was also captured by the Nawab of Bhopal named Sher Shah Suri in 1760.

Listening to the history about the Fort and seeing the inscriptions and carvings on the fort I was thrilled and amazed. It was done very beautifully. The Raisen Fort though in ruins is successful to attract tourists and travelers from all around the world. We rested at the place after crossing a huge door. We tried to converse with the local people about the place but they told us that it was safe so we proceeded in our journey.

Raisen Fort Bhopal

Raisen Fort Bhopal | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

At the entrance we could see a canopy only. The place even had a large courtyard and a pool with no water. Standing tall there we could clearly see the large and vastly spread town. The domes were in ruins but the one in the shrine is considered holy. Old and huge canons could be seen which were placed on a rectangular platform. The atmosphere inside the fort was quite wild and dark. Since the place is not well developed by the government thick growth of vegetation could be seen. We were a little scared seeing the bats at a distance. It even contained the remainings of a school and a mosque. With this we clicked many photographs of the place so that seeing it later on we could remember our time spent in the Fort.

If the restoration and maintenance work takes place only then Raisen Fort Bhopal could become more popular amongst the people. The place with its unique history speaks about itself a lot. With this amazing and knowledgeable experience we were ready to go and rest in the hotel booked by me named Hotel Shree Vatika in Bhopal.

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