Skills to Cultivate for Proper Yoga and Meditation

As a working woman and a completely devoted mom of two lovely toddlers, my lifestyle moves ahead on a butter-smooth path. However, I have my own days off when I do not really feel like doing anything.

I tend to rest my feet up and put all my professional as well as personal commitments on hold. Such days I try to practice spirituality as much as I can.

However, before getting into that mood, be well aware that spirituality does not come with the snap of a finger. Spirituality takes its own time, and, there are some predetermined skills that are to be inculcated, especially for yoga and meditation. Here, I will list out to you point-wise.

Yoga and Meditation

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The skills to cultivate for spirituality include-

Relaxing the body by practicing the corpse posture, which is useful for easing the tensed body. Let all your muscles be at peace and rest calmly. Repeat this practice more often so that your body gets used to it.

Sitting in a comfortable, straight, and steady posture is the key to all yoga asana. Choose what is right for you – from Maitriasana, Sukhasana to Swastikasana.

Concentrating on your breathing by breath training exercises that involve Pranayama and Kapalbhati. Regulate your breathing to serenity and observe your breathing pattern.

Figuring out objects travelling in your mind by trying not to eliminate the thought patterns but learning to neutrally witnessing the objects in the mind.

Analysing the quality and process of thought by learning to witness and then learning to analyse individual thoughts. Then decide which ones are useful and which ones are not.

Segregate positive thoughts and focus on them as it improves building up of willpower. It also helps turning positive thoughts into actions.

Lastly, do not let your focus divert from any kind of disturbances – physical or psychological. It is useful to stay calm rather than claimed by excitement or arrogant nature.

Spirituality in the form of yoga and meditation helps oneself from within. In addition, my dear friends, I must say that indulging in yoga and meditation improves the immune system as well as gets oneself back in high spirits.

It is pointless to mention that it positively charges the mood and the personal outlook as well. So, inculcate the aforementioned skills and charge up yourself for proper yoga and meditation.

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