Royal Kangla Palace Manipur – A Pride to the History of Land

Such a wonderful start of the journey refreshed the mind and accelerated the joy. It seemed as if the main purpose of travel had been accomplished. But my lust did not seize there. It was the beginning of my excitement and there was much more to add to it. The pleasing nature combined with misty clouds, and the thoughts of wide heritage was accentuating my greedy aspects. Manipur stands amongst the historical and cultural heritages of the nation.

The forts, monuments, evergreen scenic charm and the traditional tribal population with their distinctive cultural pattern drive innumerable visitors throughout the year with a cordial invitation to visit the land. Among the various must-visit places of the state, Kangla Palace Manipur is the most prominent one, an oldest palace of the region. Earlier located on both the sides of the Imphal River, this palace is now standing on the western side of the bank. The place lies amidst the heart of the city and hence, was easily accessible by us.

Entrance of the Kangla Fort

Entrance of the Kangla Fort | Image Resource :

The palace is an extensive doorway to the rich heritage of the state letting it feel proud for occupying such a splendid structure. The enchanting surroundings with greenish-blue moths on every side accompanied by plethora of huge trees give an impeccable view of the palace. It serves as the holiest place for Manipur’s Meitei community.

Ibudhou Pakangba Temple

Ibudhou Pakangba Temple | Image Resource :

I felt charming with its innumerable mind enthralling myths and anecdotes. I was gracefully welcomed to the bygone era of ancient India with its majestic gate. The serenity and the peace delivered by its famous Ibudhou Pakangba temple were remarkable. The tempting rose garden on the north eastern side and a museum on the southern side housing interesting artifacts, adorns the palace.

Apart from a place of political authority, Kangla Palace Manipur is famous for spiritual ceremonies and reverences. Though the palace is now partly ruined in comparison to its earlier held magnificence, it is an important part of the Indian heritage with an exceptional beauty and charm. The view was simple gorgeous to stare at. Then I moved on to step into temple of Sanamahi Manipur, an architectural blend depicting animistic faith.

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