Temple of Sanamahi Manipur – The Only One with Animistic Faith

Of all the travel experiences till then in any direction or part of India, this trip to Manipur was surely a marvelous one. I could not stop my instincts for thinking this way, as even walking down on the local street of the place gives you a feel of being its part. The kind and light-hearted local inhabitants, their tribal look and the tradition and the sweet everlasting smile on their face made my journey a very pleasing one and housing relishing memories. I was completely adapting to its environment to give a feel of home away from home.

With all the aspiring thoughts and expectations of getting more and more satisfaction to my fond love of visiting ancient places, I marched towards temple of Sanamahi Manipur. The popularity of the Manipur temples lies by virtue of its mentioning in the epic Mahabharata, and thus had a magical appeal to the visitors also.

Sanamahi Manipur

Sanamahi Manipur | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Raised on an octagonal base, the temple is located in Manipur rifle ground within Imphal town. The architecture resembling the early Niagara style gives an exploration of the artistic designs showing its peculiarity in giving a styling shape to the double cornice. The temple is more popular as the only one enshrining the animistic deity, signifying the animistic faith of Manipur. Lord Sanamahi is worshipped with utmost faith and belief according to the Hindu style rituals and the decorations are also indifferent to that of Hindu priests.

Our visit to the temple of Sanamahi Manipur was a perfect time to offer puja and we did it with high spirits and divinity. It would be unfair not to comment on the diversity of the state of Manipur, adorned with varied heritage and beautiful temples. The temples are actual symbols of serenity and peace and any rest seeker or the peace lover like me would never miss out the plan of visiting such wonderful spots, standing within the Manipur land. Though this temple also has its own significant value, yet Shree Govindajee temple Manipur exuding radiance and charm with lush greenery around, comprising a superb lake and giant trees, is one of the most important among all.


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