Shree Govindajee Temple Manipur – A Lovely and Peaceful Place for Pilgrims

A mini ‘Switzerland in India’, as widely known as, Manipur beckons tourists with its serene lakes, breathtaking beauty, refreshing waterfalls, amazing heritage and exotic orchids. A state with rich culture and glorious history is also manifested with many religious beliefs and faith. The traditions are firmly depicted in its art form, exquisite handicrafts and handloom clothes.

This land of jewels boasts of picturesque landscapes with shimmering lakes, misty hills, verdant valleys and gurgling river. The temples of the place held a significant value for the devotees and the visitors, fascinating them with the awesome built in structure rendering spiritual fervor and ecstasy. A Vaishnavite temple, Shree Govindajee Temple Manipur is the most vital among the all. The historic center adjoins the palaces of the former Manipur rulers.

Shree Govindajee Temple Manipur

Shree Govindajee Temple Manipur | Image Resource :

The temple is dedicated to Shree Govindajee and located at a nearby distance of 1 km from the Imphal town. The temple has a sharing boundary within the royal Kangla palace. The simple interiors and the beautiful structure with paved court and gold domes house a largely raised congregation hall. It is an abode of Lord Vishnu in the center surrounded by the other shrines that of Lord Balaranm and Lord Krishna on the one side and Lord Jagannatha on the other.

The paved courtyard was suggested to me to give the offerings to the priests. Built in the early 18th century, the temple is mainly flocked to by millions of visitors during festivals or ceremonies like Holi known as ‘Dolyatra’. A famous performance of Thada Chongba folk dance during the occasions amused the visitors a lot. I was deprived of this opportunity as was not known earlier but was in full determination to enjoy the moment in my next visit.

Thada Chongba Folk Dance

Thada Chongba Folk Dance | Image Resource :

The one prominent section of the Shree Govindajee Temple Manipur consists of the miniature shrines famously known as ‘Salas’. Some of the colorful idols are made up of plaster while the other ones are constructed of wood. The whole architecture reflects the Nagra styled features giving its exceptional quality and peaceful ambience.

A calm-seeker like me was sure to get immersed in its beauty. With all my pleasures and fun at the beautiful places visited, I took a leave from the area and went back to my hotel for some rest and meditation along with the aspirations and excitements for the next place, the ideal one for my children, the Manipur State Museum.


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