Manipur State Museum – A Host to Land’s History and Rich Heritage with a Blend of Eye-Capturing Beauty

The air was new and so were the manifold experiences. Travelling to different places in some way liberates you from the usual chores of the routine life, but this is something which can be achieved seldom, only if life remains stagnant at one place. I am always occupied with a nomad in me to visit the special locations on every leisure hours to rejuvenate and replenish myself. I use the best travel app for my bookings which makes the whole experience fun.

The outer beauty does not excite me in the same way as the inner does. Now with much more of enthusiasm and expectations, we were hiring the same private car to visit the Manipur State Museum. The museum is one of the important tourist spots of the state ensuring the visitor with an essence of Manipur’s history and its diversified rich culture. My kids were dying hard to reach the place from the very first moment of the tour.

Manipur State Museum

Manipur State Museum | Image Resource :

Being a fascinating museum of its kind, it displays an array of objects symbolizing its dignified history. It was a sure visit place for the history lover and the traveler seeking new destinations. I belong to both the communities and was feeling immense pleasure in notifying such a hidden treasure in the state of Manipur. The historical documents and the relics of the place amalgamated with traditional costumes and war implements, all give an enchanting appeal to the viewer. The museum well depicts the intricate value of the Manipur’s ancient era and its exotic culture. The typical and ancient 78 feet long royal boat, Hiyang Hiren has captivated the eyes of the two little kids and they were speechless to describe its beauty.

Known for its cultural programs and activities like Museum Awareness Programme, events relating to biological specimens conservation and other appreciable events on different aspects, the Manipur State Museum is also famous for its science fairs, mobile excursions and theme based exhibitions. So as far as my views are concerned, I could sum up the museum as a full-fledged multi-purpose place comprising of many extensive depictions and galleries like children gallery, painting, Ethnology, jallan, etc. We then decided to visit a holy place, a church known as St. Joseph’s Cathedral.


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