St. Joseph’s Cathedral Manipur – Tranquillity Mixed with Beauty

Soaking in history, Manipur offers quite a few tourist spots that have some significance in the history and culture of India. I love visiting these spots. As you know, the life of a lawyer barely gets some time off. The busy schedule of my life can be balanced due to the support of my loving family. I consider myself really lucky to get such a wonderful family where I have such a doting husband and two angelic children. Without their love and support I would not have been able to carry my responsibilities of a wife, a mother and a home-maker besides being a working lady.

So I wait to get an opportunity to spend time with my family. And the only way to spend a long duration of quality time with my family, without any disturbance is to go for a holiday. So we make sure that we go for a long family vacation at least once in a year. This vacation had been perfect till that time. I, along with my kids, had an awesome time at the State Museum of Manipur. And then we visited the various religious venues of the state; St. Joseph’s Cathedral Manipur, being a great place to behold among them.

St. Joseph's Cathedral Manipur

St. Joseph’s Cathedral Manipur | Image Resource :

I have always liked visiting to religious shrines like churches, temples, mosques, etc., since they always fill my soul with immense peace. St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Imphal is indeed an amazing church that I’ve seen in my entire life. This most popular pilgrimage centre for the Catholics of Imphal is constructed in an Anglo-Manipuri fusion architectural style.

This absolutely mesmerising shrine has a divine charm around it that becomes even prominent in the backdrop of the hilly terrain. The very sight of the church filled my heart with pleasure and the statue of Jesus Christ in front of the church appeared to be calling His devotees with open arms. Mass prayers and daily prayers are held in the church, which is attended by many devotees.

The St. Joseph Cathedral Manipur is truly one of the best churches I have ever witnessed in my life and I will treasure every moment of my visit there. The peaceful experience in this quiet environment of the church was followed by some excitement that we had in the Manipur Zoological Garden.

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