Traditional Manipuri Dish Eromba Satisfies a Food Lover

What is more needed when life gives you all the comfort and convenience as desired? Yes, I am talking about my place of stay at Manipur. An awesome place with healthy ambience to stay tuned with comfort and enjoyment, my accommodating place was a sure bliss to my journey. From the very childhood, I have dreamt of luxury and to get it in the real form, I have struggled hard and with God’s grace and my endeavors, I have succeeded in achieving it.

So there was no point of making any compromise with the choice of hotel. It was a plush shelter with all the amenities required by me. A homely comfort, well coordinating staff, and a dutiful help desk made my stay pleasurable and easy one. The view from the balcony was mesmerizing and had the ambience to heal any mental stress or thought. The night passed on smoothly and the morning air filled in the environment along with the lip-smacking smell of the Manipuri dish Eromba, well-known as the signature delicacy of the state.

Manipuri Dish Eromba

Manipuri Dish Eromba | Image Resource :

I am a great food lover and though north east areas are generally a tough competition for the vegetarians, yet we did not have many sufferings in that case. After a little breakfast within the room, I devoted some quality time devoted to yoga and exercises. The lunch was followed with the exotic Eromba from the best culinary options of in-house restaurant of the hotel.

The dish is simple yet different, but the lunch was sure to be incomplete without it. With the help of its taste I could make out its ingredients, which were a mixture of mashed boiled vegetables with morok (chilly) and fermented fish (ngari). The most fascinating part of trying this main course item is the variety they provide in its preparation which includes yendem (arum) eromba, loklei (galangal) and hawai mubi (fave beans) eromba, paan (colocasia) eromba and the soibum (bamboo shoots) eromba. The combination depends solely on the chef’s culinary imagination and vegetables available.

This exotic Manipuri dish Eromba was a delightful experience for me, though I had to break my culinary rules and resort to devious means for such a seemingly mismatched combination of the vegetables. With my appetite full and satisfied, I headed towards my visit to the renowned historical Kangla Palace.


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